Mission Statement

Match Fit Training are an inclusive organisation who believe that everyone is unique. We strive to bring the best out of people, communities and organisations. We engage with people regardless of their abilities, race, gender, religion, faith or age and seek to achieve their very best. Hence our mission tagline: Complete Community Cohesion.

Match Fit Key Focuses

Match Fit are committed to provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. We use the power of sport to ensure we help young people on their way to becoming confident, socially aware, and unique individuals.

Match Fit is a creative organisation that uses sport and physical activity to engage and build capacities of people and organisations, particularly young people within organisations. We connect sport and physical activity with business projects where we can regenerate and rejuvenate peoples’ desire to learn, build skills whilst earning qualifications. We look to identify urban entrepreneurs and give them the space to be creative and grow.

Match Fit holds a commitment to engage with different people across all levels, using sports as a tool to improve a community’s performance, to address issues of social exclusion across the deprivation indices.


We use sport to address physical and psychological issues such as; obesity, anxiety, social confidence and to improve fitness. We promote and seek to develop positive attitudes to lifelong healthy behaviours by providing the foundation on which to build in future years. Match Fit also works with people suffering from mental health issues as well as disability groups, to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.


Along with key partners we develop key employability skills, such as communication, leadership, problem solving, respect, self-management and reflection. Our engagement with people brings out their passion to continuously develop and improve as well as inspiring them to continue their participation in sport and sporting disciplines.

Community Safety

Match Fit works with partners to identify vulnerable people who are on the cusp of making decisions that could lead to criminal activity. By using sports as a distraction activity to reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour we engage young people who are at risk of offending in positive activities.


Match Fit runs a business design programme that will improve business outcomes. endeavours to secure volunteering opportunities, work experience and through our partner agencies, employment for participants in sports and other fields in the leisure industry. We mentor and coach volunteers and members of the wider community in sports coaching courses and other sport related fields.

Keith Thompson MBA, LLB (Hons), PGCE


Match Fit Training